Nothing good can happen after three seasons! 

"Do you remember Ted's mom's famous quote in HIMYM? " You will say ,"Back off a little...Who is this Ted and should we remember his mom too?" By the time you hear your self you will stumble upon HIMYM...Oh,yes! Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother.  Of course now you remember, right? His mother... Continue Reading →


A 4 am movie

"Do you have a 4 am movie?" "A 4 am movie? Is that a thing? “ Do I hear someone whisper? If not lets coin a new one… 🙂  Yep just like a 4 am friend…a friend who you think of when you have an emergency …a friend who will never fail you, a person... Continue Reading →

When north meets south

Neeraj is in Seattle for almost a year now and all these month I have been alone in Philadelphia. (Remember Sleepless in Seattle? yes that Seattle!) Every evening when I return to my empty one bedroom apartment ... of which I hardly use the living room these days... I grab my dinner and go to... Continue Reading →

The magician: Majid Majidi

There was a time in my life when I was fed up with Bollywood/ Hollywood commercial movies...No no wait, don't judge me so fast... I am not pro art movies...I still love the fairy tales (and brainless fight movies with English titles and south Indian remakes... :)!) these movies put together. I have grown up... Continue Reading →

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