The epilogue!!!

Today we presented our biomimetics final project. Hmmm thing are in control now compared to last week our project has come along nicely! We started with different pieces of puzzle and now we have woven a convincing story and the puzzle seems to be solved. One more course done…yay! As we were discussing the last... Continue Reading →


The E.N.D.

Time flies!!! Especially during semesters…Yeah…we are already at end of our biomimetic class…2 weeks to go! Next week we will be discussing the last chapter from ‘The gecko’s foot’, designing future naturally and a week after we will present our final project.  Thank you Dr. Tonia for designing this course and thank you all my... Continue Reading →

Something fishy!

Well this week didn’t start as I wanted but did end on some positive notes…the Boston bombing…still hard to believe how can anyone one plan to destroy the peaceful event such as a marathon race??? Marathon race is a symbol of determination. Runners put years of training and hard work to prepare for a marathon…and... Continue Reading →

Magical Folds!

In India, we have four to five months of grueling hot summer and around mid-June the weather starts changing. The air becomes heavy, winds start blowing indicating the arrival of monsoon season. I love the first rain of the season. I love to go out in the rain and soak myself in the first rain.... Continue Reading →

How old is biomimetics?

First things first…I have to admit writing a blog every week on a new interesting subject…not a joke! Either I am not prolific or there is nothing interesting happening around…later obviously not true…but I am in love with this concept of expressing my thoughts and connecting with people around the world through common thread we... Continue Reading →


In my last blog I introduced you to biomimetics and bioinspiration world. There is a debate among scientist about whether this field should be called as biomimicry or bioinspiration. When we think about mimicry we give it a negative connotation but in my opinion mimicry is the first step towards learning. When a child learns... Continue Reading →

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