Musical crash course!

I am so new and ‘lost’ when it comes to western music! Few months ago, I couldn’t tell ‘one direction’ from other! (Do you see what I did there? 🙂 ) They all seemed same to me!  I have a very distinct taste for music…I don’t like heavy metal music…my ears can’t find melody in it and after some time I get headaches… plus I get easily put off by swearing and curse words! There are very few songs which pass through this stringent criteria or at least that’s what I thought! Then one fine morning (or evening!) I found him. My guru to western music, James Corden and his carpool karaoke!

cordenI think there is no need to introduce James! But in case you don’t know him, he is the host of a late night talk show that airs at 12:35 am so please don’t blame yourself! He is a Tony award winning British actor and singer! I think he is the best thing that I came across lately. In his late night show, he runs various segments and carpool karaoke is one of them.  In this segment he drives around with a celebrity singer and they sing songs by that singer. (The premise of the show is since there is a lot of traffic in Los Angeles and if you have more than one person in your car you can use carpool lane hence carpool karaoke!) Simple concept, but believe me it’s so much fun! He himself is a great singer (and THAT accent!) which makes these karaoke super fun.

The very first karaoke that I saw of him was with no other than the Adele! I know now I am kind of contradicting myself! My ‘radar’ did pick her songs up and I LOVE her. Somehow I had this nagging feeling that I had seen him somewhere else! He looked very familiar to me. Then it suddenly hit me where I had seen him. He had introduced Adele in one of the British Award show. He only spoke for a minute but he did make an impression on me with his heartfelt and passionate introduction. If you love (or don’t love) Adele, you must see this carpool karaoke.

He literally introduced me to One direction, Steve Wonder (another must see!!!), Coldplay (which I can’t stop listening now!) and surprisingly fresh and awesome Gwen Stefani! He definitely reintroduced me to Justin Bieber!!! There are several notable episodes such as one with Siya, Broadway karaoke and first lady Michelle Obama!  I think he brings the best out of these people by making them comfortable. My least favorite karaoke was Mariah Carey! It felt as if she doesn’t want to do it or her mind was somewhere else. I later came to know that she was the first person who agreed to do this segment. I was so surprised to know that no body wanted to do this show but after Mariah Carey episode aired every one saw how much fun it was!

For me, each of these episodes were like a crash course of music! I know that these artists are very talented on their own but I would never have discovered them by myself. I needed James as a medium. Now I love these people because he loves them. James, I ‘genuinely’ want to thank you so much for opening a whole new world to me!




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