Nothing good can happen after three seasons! 

“Do you remember Ted’s mom’s famous quote in HIMYM? ”

You will say ,”Back off a little…Who is this Ted and should we remember his mom too?” By the time you hear your self you will stumble upon HIMYM…Oh,yes! Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother.  Of course now you remember, right? His mother used to say, ” Nothing good can happen after 2am!” Now a days after watching American sitcoms I have rephrased his mother’s wisdom words as ‘nothing good can ever happen after 3rd season!’ ( Thank god that quote is from season one! )

Don’t you agree with me? Believe me by the end of this post I will convince you all! Where do I start? How about HIMYM? Just thinking about season 9 makes me livid! Let’s not get there! Its just so painful for me. But lets talk about something else. Season one always starts with interesting story line! Soon the main leads fall in love! By the end of the first season they express their feelings for each other…Enter second season: suddenly there comes a time when these two can’t stand each other and bam season ends with them parting their ways ! Come season three, they start pining over each other but then there is a twist in the story! Here comes a new love interest! And this goes on and on….

Ok you will say what kind of sitcoms are you watching? (I have Netflix…and that explains a lot!) Ok agreed!  I kind of (?!) generalized all sitcoms. Sorry my bad! But if the on and off relationship between the main leads is not the recurring theme then the repetitive jokes. Example: Big bang theory! Omg how many different ways you could possibly show that Sheldon is weird! If this is not the case then there are writers who kill all my favorite characters! Come on! I become so much involved with them and suddenly because the writer and the actor can’t go along suddenly my favorite character just dies! (Ask Shonda Rhimes, she is better at this than anyone else!) most importantly, all these sitcom stars are extremely talented actors. They need a change after 10 seasons of playing the same thing! If you are talking about Indian drama series, its a completely different story all together! Each serial starts with the girl with big dreams, soon she gets married and then on it becomes “saas-bahu ” (epic battle between mother in law and daughter in law! ) drama!

When I was a kid we used to have series with 13 (or multiples of 13) episodes! I think that used to be enough to tell a story! These serials were often based on famous novels so they had structure (these days we call it script!), well built characters and DEFINITE end point! Not like I woke up pissed this morning so I will completely change the track of my story. I love BBC miniseries (Watch: North and South). Most of the time they are also based on novels and are composed of 4-5 parts.

There are some exceptions to this rule as well… rather honorable! Sherlock, Breaking bad, some may say F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I might argue! I absolutely love Sherlock! The pace, the story, acting, the fact that it has 3 episodes per season…basically everything about it! The best thing about Sherlock is that the main leads Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are making sure that they do movies and other things along this show. Who knows Sherlock is moving in to 4th season and after that James Bond style finale of third season only Steven Moffat knows what’s coming!


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