A dollar short and a day late!

I am a late bloomer when it comes to watching American television…I was almost 3 years behind on How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), several years late for 24 and BTW I watched FRIENDS last year… I know! SO you can see I had a lot of backlog to finish before I could move to a new series. Not counting several hundred movies on Netflix and internet in the meantime. Last year all I heard was ‘have you watched Braking Bad (BB)?’ It was all over the internet…Facebook twitter! I thought… Na…not my type… Ok… I love rom coms and lots of period drama (no don’t judge me!) but I love dhishum dhishum (detective and fighting) serials as well. You don’t believe me… I loved Sherlock! Agreed it was a rare balance of drama, suspense and comedy. But you get the point right?

Breaking_BadNow that I am up to date on my ‘to watch’ list (!? For now I guess!) I thought let’s give BB a chance. So watched one episode…to my surprise, didn’t like it much! But watched another one… same result another one…Yes I have patience! Then just gave up on it and stopped watching it completely! One day I was talking to my friend and I told him that I couldn’t watch it anymore. He said believe me …give it another chance! It slowly grows on you…okay watched one more episode….humm seriously it really grows on you…and finally yesterday I watched the last episode. (How convenient! Just in time for my daily post challenge! )

So the story goes like this…I know, most of you have watched it already…but for some late bloomers like me… 🙂 A 50 year old, simpleton, Walter White, high school Chemistry teacher is diagnosed with terminal stage lung cancer…which means he has only few months of life in his hand. Panicked by the sudden discovery, he becomes worried about the future of his family after him. He has a 16 year old boy who has Cerebral Palsy and a daughter due in few months! Now in order to make sure he can give them good future…he finds a way to make easy money…i.e. drug dealing! Neat…Chemistry teacher making perfect meth…doing all he can to build a future for his kids…the story of BB revolves around how this simple man turns into a drug maestro!

When I heard of this premise, I instantly remembered an Indian mythological story about a robber called Valya who kills people and takes their money for living…One day he robs Narad Muni (a Sage). Narad Muni asks him why he does this. On that he replies, whatever I do, I do it for my wife and kids. Narad Muni asks him to go home and ask if they will share his sins. To his surprise his family refuses to bear any responsibility due to these sins. This whole incident changes his point of view towards life and he asks Narad Muni to forgive him. Narad Muni gives him a mantra to seek salvation and that Valya becomes a respected Muni, Valmiki Rishi. Later he wrote great Mythology epic Ramayana.

At least half of the premise goes near to the BB’s plot. I was really interested to see if the story takes this turn. It was evident from the plot that sooner or later he has to tell his family how he gathered the money for them. But instead of filling with remorse he becomes more and more aggressive… becoming completely blind to the fact that every step he takes only increases the distance between him and his family! Overall it was a good serial but I will not say it was the best! This series definitely had one of the strongest female lead characters. Actors completely do justice to their roles. I absolutely loved the side track of Saul…a lawyer who always knows a man, who knows a man, who can solve any of your problems! There were moments which I really loved but there were moments where I felt they could have done better! (Specially, Walt’s brother in law is conveniently a drug enforcement administration (DEA) agent! Which means Walt knows every action by the DEA! And the Hollywood style finale! )

In my humble opinion, like in Hank’s words, BB was a dollar short and a day late!


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