Writer’s block

Where have my stories gone? Have you seen them? Are they angry with me? Few days back they were so eager to get inked…they were on my mind, in my thoughts, on my tip of tongue and just few keyboards strokes away! They stole my sleep, made me procrastinate at school and left my house in a big mess!

writers-blockNow they are all gone…don’t know where and why? I know there is this cold war going on between us..It all started few months ago. I haven’t written much lately…had few brilliant ideas…all of them come on either Monday night, like right now when I have to make 2 slides for my presentation in next day meeting or on Tuesday night when I prepare for my meeting with my adviser! Leaving me in a dilemma….but they don’t understand, they think the choice is obvious!

On the weekends when I have all the time in the world( not really!), I get my laptop sit comfortably on my bed and stare blankly my laptop screen for hours! Hello, I ask them, are you here? Come on I have time today but NO. They don’t budge. So I change my sitting position, instead of laptop grab my notebook and pen just like old fashioned way but the result is same.  Here comes Monday and they all come back.  

By now I get that they are angry with me. At this point I bring my ultimate weapon, emotional blackmailing in action ! I try to convince by telling them that I love you and my work equally! That’s one answer they don’t want to hear! That is when I lost them! I am sure they are hiding some where…secretly waiting for me….I know I will find them…! After all we are incomplete without each other, and I am sure they feel the same way!

-Celebrating my very first writer’s block!


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