What’s for dinner tonight?

….And all my life I have been referring Daal as lentil soup until the moment I actually had lentil soup!  Believe me Lentil soup is nothing like Daal! The story goes like this…whenever I had Daal (by the way Daal is kind of lentil soup…confusing right! But only by the definition of it, but It’s a completely different ball game all together) in my lunch box and my (non-Indian) friend asked me what I was eating I used to say…It’s Daal…Do you know Lentil soup…it’s just like that! No it’s not!

There is a small shop near East Fall where we sometime buy sandwich from. I had seen lentil soup on menu all the time but never tried it! Thanks to the awful canned lentil soup. 😦 One winter evening I was really craving for some warm soup so I decided to go ahead and try it and from that day onward it’s my favorite. Lentil soup is a Mediterranean dish! It is a bowl of goodness and comfort, more importantly, it is very healthy. If you are a vegetarian like me, it is an awesome supplement of protein.

Oh come on, you can handle one green chili!
Oh come on, you can handle one green chili! 🙂

Lentil soup is made of Lentils (Masoor daal), carrots, onion, tomato, celery. Soak lentil night before and cook it in pressure cooker. I usually put celery and carrots when I pressure cook lentils. We both love lentil soup so I usually make a big batch of lentil soup. You can even freeze cooked lentil in small batches and use whenever you want. I don’t like to follow proportions or measures when I am cooking (I think that’s why I suck at baking where everything needs to be so accurate!)…I like to mix and match different things together…when you get overall idea of a recipe make it as you wish!  Like the other day I didn’t put any celery because I didn’t have any but I put grape tomatoes because I had many!

My version is ‘little’ Indianized! I cant live without curry leaves and cilantro so in all my recipes I have to have these two things. Saute onion, garlic, tomatoes, green peppers and add cooked lentils. Add hot water (yep, never add cold water in a curry!) according to the consistency you want and let it boil. Add salt, pepper, some cumin powder. Garnish with cilantro/parsley and serve hot!  It is a comfort food and I like it when its mildly spiced (Yes, I am an Indian and I do like spicy food, in case you were wondering! :))

So If are you in mood for some comforting food tonight, make some lentil soup 🙂





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