Moods@Kelly drive, Philadelphia

Winter had been really long and harsh this year! Seriously, it’s almost April end and temperature is sometimes in 50°F. Polar vortex, extreme temperature drops, windy cloudy weather we have seen it all! It was interesting how the definition of warm weather changed for us. One day we would say its warm today when thermometer was showing 41°F compared to freezing 28°F. Now we complain that it is 60°F but doesn’t feel warm enough! 🙂 Only one thing kept me going in this harsh weather…the Kelly Drive…displaying all the whims of nature!

Kelly Drive is one of the most favorite place of mine in Philadelphia!  It is a road which runs along the Schuylkill River. It was named as Kelly Drive in 1980 in the honor of John B Kelly Jr.  On one side of the drive, there are cherry trees planted along the river and the other side is the Fairmount Park… half of the cherry trees in Philadelphia were gifted by Japanese government on the occasion of 150th anniversary of American independence and half were planted by Japan- America society of greater Philadelphia. (Source: Wikipedia :))

I have to take train from my place to Temple University. I cross the Schuylkill River and I can see the Kelly Drive from my train only for 2-3 minutes. Every day I look forward to those moments…It is amazing to see how this drive changes through out the year…As spring touches Philly, the Kelly Drive bursts with thousands of pink and white cherry flowers…it is followed by lush green leaves in summer and beautiful fall colors in fall… In winter when it snows, ground near the river is covered with snow and the water of the river looks beautiful blue…I have seen the Kelly Drive in all seasons and tried to capture it through my camera from the train…they don’t do any justice to what I see through my eyes though! Over the years I have compiled some of my favorite moods of Kelly Drive. Please take a moment to admire the beauty of this place.

Cherry blossom on Kelly Drive @2014
Cherry blossom on Kelly Drive @2014
Kelly Drive On a snowy day!
A Beautiful evening on Kelly Drive!
Bright sunny day on Kelly Drive!
Fall colors near Kelly Drive!
Frozen Schuylkill river…Polar vortex, 2014
Snow accumulation on the frozen Schuylkill river…Polar vortex, 2014
Gloomy cold day on Kelly Drive!







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