Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday 1+1=11! It’s already been a year since I started this blog! I know! Hard to believe, right! For me too! Something that started mere as a class assignment has turned my life upside down. This blog has given me immense pleasure, satisfaction and a little bit recognition ( 🙂 ). I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has directly or indirectly contributed to make my blog a success! Thank you for every ‘like’, every ‘comment’ and every ‘visit’ to my blog! Yes, you have guessed it right! I have a speech prepared! 🙂

Thank You!

First of all I would like to thank Riddhi and Dr. Tonia Hsieh! I started this blog as an assignment for the class I was taking last year, Bio-mimetic and bio-inspiration. It was Riddhi who talked me into taking that class! We had to write a new entry to the blog every week…That’s how it all started. I must confess that I was terrified at the beginning. First of all English is not my native language and I kind of hated writing after penning down nearly 100 stupid GRE practice essays! But with each blog I became more and more confidant. More importantly, I was enjoying what I was doing. Then there was this sweet encouraging email by Dr. Hsieh confirmed that I was on the right track! So when the class was over, I decided to continue with my blog, but this time I expanded my writing to more areas of my interest.

By now I think all of you might know that my dad is a well known writer and my posts cleared his approval too! He read all my posts and commented on them meticulously. He often gave me valuable advise about developing my style of writing. One advise that he gave me and I will always remember is: he said that there will be writers who will write about food but what makes your post unique is adding your experiences in to your post. Similarly, thank you Neeraj, for your support, encouragement and first hand reaction to my most recent blogs 🙂

Next in my thanking list are all my friends who read my blog and let me know their reaction on it! When I post a new blog, I check my blog stats every 15 minutes and If I see less response for a blog I become sad. But then I read this quote by one fellow blogger who said each like, each comment and each visit is one human action! People are taking a moment to appreciate your work and you should appreciate that! Very true…Thank you guys…Your response to my posts gives me energy every time I pick up pen or press keyboard buttons! 🙂

Celebration time!

If you ask me what is my favorite thing about this blog? I will say writing! Obviously! Every post of my blog is very dear to me for one or other reason. Some posts gave me a chance to relive my childhood memories, some gave me a sneak peek of my future ( 🙂 ) whereas some made me to introspect! Some of them I wrote within an hour and some took me weeks to complete. I laughed with some posts and cried my heart out with other! During this course of time I realized that I have so many stories to tell.

But besides that the second best thing, I will say was reading the comments or knowing the reaction of other people on my blog. The first and most common comment (apart from the spams! 🙂 ) I got from most of my friends (including my adviser!) was “Did you write that? How come we didn’t know THIS MUGDHA?” Well, You know guys all superheroes need a brilliant disguise! Don’t they! I needed one too! Now don’t start imagining me in a Cape or with a magic pen though! Ha ha… Just kidding! Sometimes when I am into a conversation with my friends, by the time I prepare my reaction on a topic, form my sentences, find a window to speak(!), the conversation had already been moved on to other topic. Ha Ha. Writing is a bit more flexible, and forgiving! It gives me freedom to take my time! I think all of us are talented in many ways but we just need to find the right medium to express ourselves. I think I have found mine!

Another comment I get most is that my blogs are simple and honest. Thank you so much! Most of the blogs are based on my personal experience or events from my past which provide me enough drama so I don’t need to pretend anything else. Another important thing is if you keep it simple it feels real. Rule of thumb keep it simple! Its not all goody goody you know! Some people accused that my blog makes people hungry!  🙂  Well I accept! I am guilty of your charges! Even though you can’t blame it completely on me! Partly because I love food and I have grown up in a family where my dad is a total foodie and my mom is an excellent cook. But mostly because Indian food, traditions are so rich in flavors and colors, they make my job even easier!

Lastly, I would like to know what you would like to read from me. Your feedback is very important to me. Please take a moment to take this survey and help me improve my blog.


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