How I met your… father : Episode 2

Okay so for those who missed the first episode , here is a quick recap: Neeraj was flying back to US for his PhD and I met him at the airport the night he was flying. It was like he came, he saw, he conquered and he flew back to USA … 🙂

Episode 2:

I am satisfied by the fact that my kids (and you all too ! :)) are still interested in my story. But I can see the smirk on their faces and can guess what they are probably thinking ” Oh we know what happened next… you guys got married.” So I plan my first sentence carefully to keep them involved for next half an hour. “Once upon a time there was a prince, one day the prince meets his princess, they fall in love and they live happily ever after. It happens only in fairy tales and LIFE surely is not a fairy tale. The story of our marriage doesn’t end here. It wasn’t a fairy tale and here comes the twist.Your father had almost rejected me after our first meeting !

I left your father at the airport and came home. Before leaving, he had asked me only one question ‘ do you have interest in pursuing further education ? ‘ to which I had halfheartedly replied ‘ yes’. Before I go any further I should clarify why I am saying ‘halfheartedly’. After my BS I had declared that I will never ever take a course again. Then I met your father, fell in love with him and did my masters again I declared never ever ever again and I ended up getting a PhD! 🙂 But that’s how it all ends… you are not supposed to know that right now!

So here I was… madly in love with your dad just after one meeting and the first question he asked me was about continuing the education. I was happy go lucky…I was not a bad student but I was not ambitious and I was afraid of taking any classes . I always thought GRE and TOFEL exams are for really smart student and I was not smart enough.

IMG_0005I came home and emailed him about how I felt about him and expressed my desire to talk to him again. He did not email me back. For two days I was anxiously waiting for his email.  Finally he replied back!!! To my relief, he had got really bad cold (not that I wished for… oh my god what you guys are thinking! ) as soon as he reached USA and that was the reason he couldn’t reply to me. He also said that ‘overall ‘ he liked me. And to my dismay, He wanted his life partner to be career oriented.  And suddenly I realized that the qualities I admired in him and I lacked the most were the decision making factors…

I felt really devastated. I began to think that its over and he will never see me again… One night I was emailing some friend and suddenly saw him online. We greeted each other and started chatting online. We ended up talking to each other for quite some time and then the 18 month long courtship started 🙂 The biggest problem now was the day and night difference in India and USA. He had very good reasons for asking me that question. He was very busy with his PhD and if I would have stayed at home alone missing my life in India, I would have definitely gone mad. With a ‘F2 dependent visa’ you can not do anything here. Second, he always wanted to have ‘intellectual intimacy’ with his spouse and that’s the quality he was looking for in his partner.

I was completely different person when I was with him. Your uncle Kshitij still teases me saying that in my all life I only laughed at the jokes which were made by your father. After few of our ‘online meetings’ your father had fallen in love with me as well and he wanted to build our life together. He tried to clear my doubts and fears about THE exams… there were times when his patience were tested… but eventually he succeeded. He helped me at every step during my admission and after with my studies. During this time our relationship went through some good, very good and some very bad patches. But every time we ended up getting closer and closer. 🙂

We two!
We two!

Some things I couldn’t see clearly when I was marrying him but now I understand what he was trying to make out of me. My life has changed after my marriage. Those who know me can clearly see the before and after effect! I have grown up as a person, I have different approach/ perspective towards life. It’s almost 25 years ago when I met your father and still it feels like yesterday. Now his dreams are our dreams and none of this would have happened if I had not met your father… :)”

I was basking in the glory of my memories… And vaguely in the background I hear my kids say ” Mom, by any chance do you know how aunt Kshipra and uncle Shantanu had met or even uncle Kshitij and aunt Prachi?”

” Oh dear God!”
That’s all I manage to say before leaving the room … 🙂 ”

Alternate ending: “Oh dear God! That’s what I said before I settled on the couch comfortably! 🙂


3 thoughts on “How I met your… father : Episode 2

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  1. Beautifully written .
    Vibhootibhushan Bandopadhyay once wrote : The stories of ‘ How two young people met each other , fell in love and became one ‘ are the most wonderful stories in the world .
    Now I wish Neerej should write his version .
    Hope , some day Kshitij & Prachi , Shantanu & Kshipra will also write .

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