How I met your…father

Imaginary conversation between me and (future) kids:

Pilot episode:
Fall:2030, Thanksgiving weekend

Kids: Mom you never told us how you two met? Was your marriage a love marriage or an arranged one? Me: Hey kids, (yep I want at least two kids…preferably a boy and a girl but two boys or two girls will just do fine or may be twins…sorry even though they are imaginary I am finding it hard to decide what combination to use here…anyway it’s not about them…its about their father… :)) So let’s start all over again.

Imagine me in more matured voice: “HEY KIDS (my way of writing matured!!!), It was an arranged marriage. I met…” My sentence is cut short because of the expression on their face. That look on their face tells me a lot and I change the tone of my voice assuring them it was one hell of a story. So get ready…this is how I met your father!

We two!
We two!

” It was Winter of 2006…I was freshly graduated with a BS in Mechanical engineering and was living with your aunt Kshipra and Uncle Shantanu in Mumbai. Your cousins Anannya, Pappu, Jhappy, and Tappu (?! oh what the heck they are imaginary :)) were not born yet. Your uncle Kshitij was finishing his BS and your aunt Kshama was in Pune.
At that time your father was in India on a short vacation. It was just a coincidence that he had come over to see his cousin in Nanded where your grandpa and grandma (my parents) used to live. He was the most eligible bachelor in town. His cousin knew our family and he suggested that your father should meet me. He even showed your father my photo and I think your father couldn’t resist the offer. 🙂 But the only problem was he was flying back to US for his PhD in two days.
So It was decided that since I was in Mumbai, I should go and meet him at the airport the night he was flying back to US.  We, four people (Ranitai, Shantanu, Kshitij and I) went to see one person (him) at the airport. I still remember the moment when I met him for the first time. There was something magical about him that swept me off my feet. He was confidant, handsome, doctor who had MS in bioengineering and was now doing his PhD.  We were hardly together for half an hour or 45 minutes. But by the end of that night I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him…In fact, I was even ready to take that flight with him…

I have been asked this question again and again over the time all these years by  my bachelor friends…how and when did you know he is the one? I don’t think I can point out to one particular thing or moment that attracted me towards him…I think he was everything that I was not! Ambitious, very clear about what he wanted from life… I was happy go lucky ! Or may be it was the song playing in that pavbhaji shop that sealed the deal (agar tum mil jao…English translation: If I have you in my life, I wont care about anything else in the world :)) or  the feeling I had in my stomach ( ah those butterflies ) for the first time in my life when he was leaving… 🙂 “


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