The year so far

I am a day late for this daily prompt challenge but it’s always better late than never! So here is my take on today’s daily post challenge the state of my year so far…I am neither a ‘resolution person’ nor a bucket list person…I am moody and I work on my whims…but I started to think about my year so far…

…Oh boy! What a year I had so far…

  • I mean I will remember this year as the year when I finally met ‘The Mother’ after waiting for long 7 seasons and 23 episodes (!) and the ‘royal baby’ after waiting for 9 months. (Thankfully! :))
  • The year when Rafa won record break 8th French open!
  • The year when half of the top seeded players were sent packing in first two rounds at Wimbledon and ‘First(?!) Brit won Wimbledon !
  • The year when Mumbai Indians won IPL season 6 and champion’s trophy! Yay!!!
  • The year when we saw Tendulkar on cricket pitch for the one last time!
  • So far so good… 🙂 Right! Eventful! Jokes apart…but it is one of the most eventful years of my life. IMG_0916The year started with the fortune cookie,’ You will make a change for the better within the year’ made me wonder what I will change and ended my curiosity after realizing that my husband’s laptop has given up and we had to buy a new laptop. (Grrrrr!)
  • The year when I dropped a course for first time in my life and chose a course which required public speaking, blog writing and critical thinking… three things I never thought I could do! Turned out my best decision so far…
  • The year when I got hooked up with wordpress and spent countless sleepless nights…writing blogs, checking how many people viewed and commented on my blog!
  • The year when I gave my first conference talk at NEBEC 2013 and published my first, first author manuscript!
  • The year I don’t want to remember as the year of Boston Marathon bombing or flash floods in India!
  • ……Oh boy! What a year I had so far!!! Touch wood!

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