The magician: Majid Majidi

There was a time in my life when I was fed up with Bollywood/ Hollywood commercial movies…No no wait, don’t judge me so fast… I am not pro art movies…I still love the fairy tales (and brainless fight movies with English titles and south Indian remakes… :)!) these movies put together. I have grown up with them and often dreamed about them :)! But then I was introduced to Majid Majidi…An Iranian director, producer and writer. I call him ‘The Magician’!

Majid Majidi
Majid Majidi

No fancy sets, no dramatic light or sound effects, no larger than life characters and yes no 100 crore budget, yet his movies create pure magic! Simple script ( which is becoming rare in Hindi movies),  stories that touch your heart…each story is about poor middle class family , their struggle for existence,  yet this struggle does not restrain them from enjoying their life …or makes movie dull… down to earth real characters…almost make you fall in love with them…strong actors…most of these movies are from kid’s perspective and have small kids as main lead actors… Ali and Zahara from Children of heaven, Mohammad from The Color of Paradise or adolescent Baran…  still sometimes it is hard to differentiate whether they are acting or living those roles!

Even though all his movies are in Farsi, language is never a barrier.  I must admit I have seen his movies post Children of Heaven and did not get chance to see ‘The Father’.  ‘Children of Heaven'(Bacheha-ye Aseman, 1997) may be the most popular Majidi movie due to the Academy award nomination for best foreign movie, ‘The Color of Paradise’ (Rang-e Khoda, 1999) this movie has multiple dimensions and in my opinion the most complicated of all movies, ‘Baran’ a beautiful love story and definitely makes your heart skip ( Rain, 2001), or ‘The Song of Sparrows’ (Avaze Gonjeshk-ha, 2008)…So what makes these movies great is the Midas touch of Majidi…the intricate web he weaves around human relationships…whether it is the father-son relationship which is a repeating pattern in his movies or the sibling love… 

220px-ColourofPara barandownload (1)

I am finding it hard to express what I like about these movies without telling the stories of the movies, but I don’t want to give away to much about the stories, I will recommend all of you to see them…some how I think after Majidi phase I got addicted to classic Iranian movies… and for months Neeraj and I watched only Iranian movies…but about that I will write some other day… 🙂


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