The epilogue!!!

Today we presented our biomimetics final project. Hmmm thing are in control now compared to last week our project has come along nicely! We started with different pieces of puzzle and now we have woven a convincing story and the puzzle seems to be solved. One more course done…yay!

ImageAs we were discussing the last chapter for our class, one of the student raised one question. She said.” Okay great we know that the Mother Nature is awesome and we can design innovative things by understanding its principles. But now what??? What is the outcome of this course? Whether this book will increase the awareness of people about nature? Say a train is designed based on a bird’s aerodynamic shape will this increase awareness about that bird???”  Very interesting question indeed! That question triggered a ‘train’ of thoughts in my mind. What did this course teach me?

I learned how we take every day mundane things granted. I have seen lizards all the time in my house in India but never wondered how they walk on the wall and roof? I always thought they were creepy!  Similarly lotus leaf! We have similar plant in India which grows in our backyard. That’s one of my favorite vegetable.Image Its leaf has similar properties as lotus leaf. I have seen water drops falling on it and slipping away as pearls but never wondered what the mechanism behind that is? Now after this class I have a completely different perspective to look at every day things.

Coming back to her question will this increase common people’s awareness towards nature? I think things don’t happen automatically. We need to take efforts to increase awareness. Now that I have got this ‘awareness’ why not spread it? I have found my medium to do that through this blog as well. I can use this platform to spread this awareness.  I think this class can be incorporated in high school curriculum quite easily. It doesn’t need to be really technical but can be designed as fun for the students.  These days many engineering schools conduct summer camps to increase high school students interest in science and engineering. Temple University conducts a week long summer camp for high school girls.( It is called Women’s Engineering Exploration (WE2). These summer camps could prove to be a good platform for introducing biomimetics and bioinspiration concepts to the students. This way we can stimulate the thought process of the students at early stage.

I think I am ready to carry this torch until I find someone to hand it over…:)


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