The E.N.D.

Time flies!!! Especially during semesters…Yeah…we are already at end of our biomimetic class…2 weeks to go! Next week we will be discussing the last chapter from ‘The gecko’s foot’, designing future naturally and a week after we will present our final project.  Thank you Dr. Tonia for designing this course and thank you all my classmates (especially from biology department students) for making this class interesting, entertaining and thought provoking. I think the course is ending with so many questions unanswered.

My mind is filled with lots of thoughts. So what lies in the future? Here is some sneak peak…:) Fasten your seat belts, put on your goggles (yeah you will need them…:)) and get some popcorn (Of course!!! And you thought I forgot…:))

Like any other futuristic movie there will be robots…a lot of them. Some of them will be jumping, some flying and some may be running on water! Some of them will be so tiny that they will be able to enter in your body and can perform operation on you! No kidding.

There will be fancy looking buildings…painted with self-cleaning exterior paint, equipped with smart sensors which will regulate the lights throughout the day and still be energy efficient.  These buildings will be naturally air-conditioned and will be supplied with desalinated water!

Last but not the least a good life due to advances in medical field. There will be artificial yet biomimetic lungs, hearts, skins and cartilage! The picture I painted here may seem to drive us away from nature but to develop all these thing we have to go to nature first.

Yet some things will never change…curious human mind!

So that’s it for now…

The E.N.D.

END??? No it’s the new beginning…Energy Never Dies!


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