Ya chimanyano parat phira re!!! World Sparrow Day!

Ya chimanyano parat phira re!!! World Sparrow Day?


Do you know 20th March was World Sparrow Day? I didn’t know either…:) But I googled it and thanks to Wikipedia I came to know that this day is observed to bring awareness about this small endangering bird. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Sparrow_Day) I have noticed that there were literally no sparrows left in big cities in India…What is the cause behind this disappearance? Some theories say it is due to the mobile tower radiations…some say due to multi storied building towers… use of pesticide, air population…or just evolution??? Not only in India but from many parts of the world this bird is disappearing.

ImageI can’t imagine my world without sparrows. They were part of my childhood stories. They were my buddies! In India, the first song that every mom sings to their baby is about sparrows. Every kid knows the story about the cruel crow and caring mama sparrow. They used to make nests in our home above tube lights… used to bring all sorts of grass and tree twigs and lay eggs there! (I know it may sound weird to all my American friends but all my Indian friends can relate to this). We used to love it…of course my mom used to hate them because she had to clean after them all the time…:)

Now suddenly sparrows are not there anymore? Are we going to change the stories for new generation?  I want my kids to know all these stories and I want to show them sparrows from those stories.

It was a nice surprise to see a lot of sparrows here in Philadelphia. I have a bird feeder in my home and my most favorite pass time is to watch birds come and go. I am sure I am going to tell my baby all stories that I heard from my mom….At least I still have sparrows here!

Epilogue: (reference: G.A. Kulkarni)

खिडकीवरच्या टकटकीने अचानक जाग आली… पाहते तर काय खिडकीत ‘जी. ए. च्या चिमण्या ‘आल्या होत्या…जवळ जाताच एकाच कलकलटात भांडायला लागल्या…” ईथे अमेरिकेत येऊन विसर्लीस ना आम्हाला? पटते का ओळख? आता कधी???”
अरे हो विसरलेच की बाई तुम्हाला…”सांगेन हो माझ्या छोट्या मुग्धा ला की भेटायला येताना चांगल्या पोतभर गुंजा घेऊन जा हो तुमच्यासाठी!… 🙂 ”
…आणि खरच भुरकं चिमण्या चिवचिवत निघून गेल्या…


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